Beginner Guitar Lessons


Beginner guitar lessons are currently available

For those looking to start learning the guitar from the beginning, lessons with Blue Wave Guitar will set you in the right direction. Suitable for those who have never played guitar before, or even for people who have had a guitar for a little while but are confused as to where to start, both adults and children are welcome.

When learning a new skill, such as the guitar, it always important to get the basics right. A good foundation will help greatly to ensure mistakes and bad habits are avoided in the future.

Videos and books can be an extremely useful resource, but nothing beats one-to-one tuition from an experienced tutor to ensure you are learning correctly.

As a tutor of many years, I have a wealth of experience at guiding new guitarists on their first few steps. Lessons progress at a pace you are comfortable with, aiming to help you achieve your own goals and play your favourite songs and music as quickly as possible.

As a beginner, you will learn the following:

  • How to correctly sit and hold the guitar
  • Names of the strings
  • Identifying parts of the guitar
  • How to tune your guitar
  • How to read chord diagrams
  • How to play open chords and your first chord pattern – 12 bar blues
  • How to play with a plectrum and fingers
  • How to strum
  • How to practice correctly
  • How to read TAB
  • How to play a pentatonic scale and what it’s used for

From here you will be well equipped to start learning more advanced techniques and songs, as well as enter graded guitar exams if you wish.

To enquire about starting to learn the guitar click here to send a message.